Tissue Engineering Centre, UKM
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Let’s Run for Fund – Stem Cell/Regenerative Medicine Awareness Day

- Tissue Engineering Centre (TEC), UKM was identified as a Centre of Research Excellence by Ministry of Education in 2008, and have compliance with the ISO 17025: 2005, ISO 9001: 2008 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard.
- The research activities in TEC have involving cells and tissues such as skin, bone marrow, bone, cartilage, cornea, adipose, umbilical cord and etc which have a potential to be used for the regenerative medicine treatment.
- The center has begun to commercialize research products and services since 2015. The clinical trial phase 3 for MyDerm™ products and the other product in the pipeline is chondrogenic induced stem cells for the treatment osteoarthritis was expected to be started this year.
- Therefore, this awareness day was held to give awareness and a better understanding of the existence of this technology to the public.